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Up to the walls of Jerico He marched with spear in hand “Go blow them ram horns”, Joshua cried, “Cause the battle is in my hand.” Then the lamb ram sheep begin to blow, Trumpets begin to sound Joshua commanded the children to shout An’ the walls come tumblin’ down That morning. Joshua fought the battle of Jerico, Jerico, Jerico Joshua fought the battle of Jerico An’ the walls come tumblin’down.

Location: ca, United States

Astrologer accredited by the Astrologers Guild of America in 1972. A life of working occultly for the saving of the planet Earth.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

A 880.00
Neptune 851.16
Uranus 832.15
Ab 830.61
Vulcanus 819.82
Hades 785.18
G 783.99
Poseidon 761.58
Gb 739.88
Jupiter 734.65
F 698.46
E 659.26
Zeus 654.31
Eb 622.25
Saturn 592.07
D 587.33
Mars 578.93
Kronos 575.90
Pluto 569.54
Mercury 565.09
Db 554.37
Earth 544.41
C 523.25
Cupido 516.18
Apollon 504.96
B 493.88
Admetos 471.64
Bb 466.16
Node 464.26
Moon 454.86
Venus 442.47
A 440.00

These are the notes of the planets raising their cycles to the scale range of A440 hz to A880 hz.

For more information on these planets see the Harmonic Astrology Project

The planets can be grouped into dyads or triads providing for chords providing the basis for musical compositions.

Todays major transit connections:

sun 544.41
zeus 654.31

plu 569.54
had 785.18

To hear these sounds on your computer download the NCH Tone Generator at this site:

Then install the software and set it for four tones mono and then type in the four frequencies for today's planet harmonics. Experiment with stereo settings and right/left ear setting with headphones and a stereo sound card. Change it for 5 tones mono and add the moon 454.86 which is near the conjunction of hades and the opposition of pluto. Play all five tones and you can get the tonal qualities of today's planets. With the flatted third, fifth, and seventh coming off the B scale there is definitely the quality of the blues. And the feeling of the Coasters when in "Along Came Jones", "he tied her up to the railroad tracks!..." or "he turned on the buzz saw!..."

more to come soon